Monday, March 29, 2010


I always gotta shout out my man's Kid Cudi ..just love his music! to an extreme measure. His music connects with me on a level most of ya'll wouldnt understand.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Common Projects Achilles Raw

This Achilles Raw model from Common Projects is crafted from the finest Italian raw leather and to complement apparel from their Spring/Summer collection. Available in either a low or high form, the shoes feature familiar vulcanized rubber soles and gold number-stamping, as well as rough suede laces to complete the raw aesthetic.

Kid Cudi ft. david Guetta - Memories

Looks Like i will have SOOOOOO MANYYY memories this summer ...ahh cant wait with the fam ace boon coon's and the lovelies Ladies! ...WELL lets JUST Say seems TO there WILL be no LAST memories!

Quinze & Milan x Eastpak Furniture Collection

Industrial designers Quinze & Milan and Eastpak team-up on an upcoming collaborative collection involving furniture. The preview features two bag-themed couches with a number of storage options housed within the design. The designs are re-interpretations of Quinze & Milan’s Club Sofa 01 and Primary Pouf 02 styles.

Pointer 2010 Spring Tanju

Pointer Footwear offers us a look into new colorways of the Tanju model for Spring 2010, named after Lev Tanju, proud owner of controversial skateboard company Palace Skateboards. The shoe features a penny loafer style in several different colors and textiles, including the use of suede and premium leather.

The design language of the collection takes into account the heritage of Sebago as a brand with contemporary design updates. A strong focus on materials includes some uses of both Cordura and silver reflective 3M. The collection will be available in April, 2010 at The Atrium, Brooklyn Circus, and Dave’s Quality Meats in New York City;

Hyden Yoo 2010

Fashion designer Hyden Yoo presents new looks for Fall/Winter 2010 from his eponymous label. As we’ve grown accustomed to seeing, the collection features a variety of classic designs, nothing outlandish, just casual and sophisticated. Solid textile choices like wool for outerwear and timeless plaids offer another season of well-construction, masculine pieces for the everyday gentleman.

Gilded Age "Gothem" Denim

Gilded Age’s products are carefully handcrafted which gives them an unique age old look as well as an imperfect and weathered appearance. For the Spring/Summer season, the Straight Leg “Gotham” model is made available in a raw (£299) and washed (£399) version. Each pair features unique hand done abrasion, indigo leather patch details and are constructed with organic Japanese selvage denim.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


So lately i been randomly working out..and i guess I can say i see some results =]!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


REALITY is WHAT YOU MAKE OF it and how u perceive things to be. 1+1=2 in the common world but in your mind it can equal anything or have a meaning far beyond of a understandable concept.So these bars represent a personal block or with-hold from what your life can become.I always try and do things i have a feeling i will or i can fail in.because i wanna be able to fight my doubts within myself. Well im gonna go read or draw and music will be my gateway to a happier NIGHT!=]

MY DAY! =]


By my SCHOOL!>.a path leading to a great FUTURE! =]

My desk =] DAMN that pepsi be tasting like WINE from the hands of a GOD!./.and ohh YES NEW YORK FLOW! :D!

On my WAY HOME!..the STATION where i begin and end my day!..,lolz

YESSSSSSSSS it has arrived feet were killing me mind on the frights!...HOME BOUND to my TOWN!..GOODNIGHT! :D


Look into the eyes of a maniac!,,,what will you see??..Hm starting off you will see a lot of pain from a lifetime of suffering and half-way triumphs. 2nd. You will see a fire in the eye so he can become something not too far from great!.Excellence is his ingredient to a better life.Harmony with greatness is as well the recipe for this man named at birth Alisse' Yves' Dieubison Joinvil =]and I will be the one you wake up out of the middle of the night and say WOW that man has changed my life.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vans Get Dope

these can pass for exceptionable but i think the brown is a bit strong or just the mixture of colors aren't the right recipe..hat do y'all think?

Diggy Simmons!

I have to admit he has some skills here. Lemme find out CHECK out the VIDEO! Diggy Simmons - Made You look freestyle.